Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cross Promotions- The World of Pokécraft

With the upcoming release of Starcraft 2, fans will have an opportunity to purchase a collector's edition with some unique perks, including a Thor mini-pet for players of World of Warcraft.

A brilliant marketing strategy by Blizzard, cross promoting two of their biggest products, Starcraft and WoW. The inclusion of an exclusive mini-pet surely will entice several WoW players, with no previous Starcraft experience to shell out collector's edition money for the Thor pet.

Cross promoting in video games and other media is nothing new. Marvel vs. Capcom, Super Smash Brothers and many more have taken advantage of the unique opportunities offered by aligning multiple characters from various series in one title.

After giving it some thought, I started considering what cross promotions I would be interested in seeing... Consider this to be the first in an ongoing series!

So yeah... The first cross promotion is pretty obvious, the current biggest MMO in the world and one of the most dominant and addictive franchises around...


"You might be less inclined to take his candle knowing he can electrocute your face."

Pokemon gains the dominance and experience of WoW in the MMO genre... and WoW benefits from the broader appeal of Pokemon!


Picture it: all those Pokemon gyms with their various badges and gym leaders... now imagine you and 39 of your friends each choosing your favorite Pokemon before engaging in epic battle with Brock and his Onyx... or slightly less epic battle with Misty and her lame, mentally challenged Psyduck.

Pokemon could benefit from WoW's MMO domination to branch out into one of the few genres it has yet to conquer. Pokemon already has the foundation for an MMO with its leveling system, upgrading your Pokemon with supplements, and the capacity to learn new abilities. Add in a function to gear a Pokemon trainer with stat enhancing equipment and get ready for the cash flow!


Encompassing and dominating multiple genres ranging from handhelds, console games, trading cards, and toys... Pokemon knows what it takes to be a global, marketing behemoth. And while WoW has taken steps in recent years to branch out into previously untapped markets, it lacks the support of all but its most loyal gamers (really how many people do you know that own a Froustmorne replica or even a WoW t-shirt).

"Conquer your next pool party in the name of the Horde! Lok'Tar!"

With the brand power and global presence of Pokemon, WoW could open all kinds of new resources. It wouldn't be long before Thrall's face was plastered on everything from beach towels to backpacks, cementing WoW's place as one of the most dominant gaming franchises in history.

Alright, well that's all for now, until next time remember, go with the light... but avoid going into it!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

It Has Begun!

Hello friend! And welcome to Paladin-Bias, yet another generic, gamer themed blog!

With Paladin-Bias you can expect: irregular updates, rambling blog rants, poorly drawn web comics, social commentary, kittens, misguided attempts at philandering, magic, sharks, and of course a healthy dose of paladin bias.

So get comfortable, because you just accepted an exceedingly painful chain quest. <3