Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minecraft Revisited


Happy Tuesday i reckon'. Today I wanted to take a few minutes to revisit my Minecraft post from wayyyyy back in the early days of the blog. (Psst, go check it out if you haven't already CLICK ME!)

My dream castle is coming along slowly. I grew to really dislike the look of the cobblestone blocks, so as you can see I redid almost the entire structure. Take a look and let me know what a great job I'm doing!

Errm, this isn't quite finished...

The revamped roof area.

The moat is currently a waterfall until I finish it. Here you can see all the blocks used to create just one outer wall.

The moat is still a work in progress...

Another angle.

One of the newly designed interior rooms.

The full frontal view of the 3 levels.

Sky bridge with side entrances.

My favorite feature, the sky

I plan on putting more work into this eventually. It has been a huge undertaking to conduct all the terraforming by hand. I'm actually starting to have flashbacks to my SNES days of playing another game that features terraforming...


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy July!

Hi friends on the interweb,

It's been a few weeks since the last post, so a quick status report.

I took a vacation- now I'm back.

New posts coming soon!