Monday, July 22, 2013

San Diego Comic Con: Warcraft Movie Teaser Trailer

First Warcraft teaser trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con

Nerds and geeks lucky enough to get tickets to San Diego Comic Con (when I tried to get tickets the website crashed grrrr) were given the first glimpse of the long-awaited Warcraft movie when a surprise teaser trailer was shown during the Legendary Films/Warner Bros. panel.

News sites are describing the trailer as featuring a Human warrior standing in an desert world with a glowing green sky and dark, ominous clouds. The warrior picks up an Alliance shield off of a skeleton and is then besieged by an Orc. As the Orc approaches, swinging his mace towards the Human, the trailer cuts to the logo.

As of now, no footage of the teaser trailer has been located online (believe me, I've looked). MMO-Champion is also reporting that there are currently no plans to officially release the video.

Looks like the rest of us will need to cross our fingers for a grainy cell-phone video to surface on the interwebs.