Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time-Lost-Freakin' Proto Drake!

Well, it finally happened... I've killed the TLPD!

For anyone that has been following my to-do list posts, killing the TLPD has been something I've been trying to do since WOTLK was released. Prior to today I'd only ever found a corpse of the rare spawn- despite probably 10 or more Vyragosa kills.

Given the lull I'm feeling with the Cataclysm at the moment, I decided to invest some time into farming this mount (not so much farming as it was AFK'ing with the volume all the way up). I played a lot of Madden, watched youtube or movies, but generally didn't do anything WoW related while camping- which certainly saved my sanity, although it absolutely killed my /played time.

A lot of credit goes to NPCscan- if you don't have this mod already, go download it now!

Living up to its name, it has taken me way too much time to find and kill the Time-Lost Proto Drake (I don't even want to estimate an actual number of hours), so now it's time to pick my next camping target- Poseidus or the statues in Uldum... any suggestions?

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