Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Most Annoying Abilities in WoW- March Madness Style!

We've all been there... grinding out your ten arena matches this week, or farming battleground rep... when it happens. It takes you by storm, lighting a fire in your soul, that erupts out of your mouth in a fury of profanity. You've just been victimized by one of the many annoying abilities in WoW.

But which ability is so nerve-wracking, so wall-punching, so dog-kicking-ly annoying, as to be called the most annoying ability in the game!

Lucky for you I have begun a quest to answer that exact question. Today I introduce the format for the WoW Annoying Ability Supremacy Battle Royale!

It goes like this, each class will be given its own preliminary round to determine which of its abilities is the absolute most annoying (completely biased and based on my own frustrating PvP experiences). Each class will be given four abilities, and after careful analysis, only one will remain, which will then be moved into the overall bracket featuring the most annoying ability from each class!

For week one of the tournament, I'll introduce one of the preliminary brackets with my analysis, before adding the winning ability to the "big board."

First, we'll take a look at the hardhat hero of the Warcraft community...


For the Warrior's bracket I choice four unique abilities: Bladestorm, Mortal Strike, Shattering Throw, and Bloodthirst (for this bracket Bloodthirst will represent all HP regen abilities of the class.)

The bracket opens up with Bladestorm taking on Mortal Strike. Mortal Strike is the veteran of the two, with Bladestorm being a relative newcomer to the scene. Despite being a powerful and frustrating tool for opponents to manage, Mortal Strike lacks effectiveness against opponents that have no healers (double dps!) while Bladestorm is a highly effective and unstoppable aoe attack. So In a close fight, I have to give the edge to Bladestorm, because once that Orc starts spinning, don't expect him to stop until either you or his stomach contents hit the ground... whichever comes first.

The second bracket features the bane of Paladins and Priests- Shattering Throw, up against the Warrior's HP regeneration abilities, like Bloodthirst. As a Paladin, Shattering Throw seems like it would be an obvious choice... but based on my experiences many Warriors forget to use it, or are easily line of sighted while they're attempting to throw their puny weapons. So for the shear frustration factor of trying to down a Warrior that inexplicably keeps healing... this round goes to Bloodthirst.

For the conclusion of the Warrior bracket, Bloodthirst and Bladestorm advance to face each other for ultimate annoyance supremacy! Bloodthirst strikes first, with the longevity it adds to Warriors, allowing them to heal, when they have no business being a healing class. But sadly, this isn't even a fair fight... the arena ratings speak for themselves, the cleave comps are smashing their way to the top. So I'm giving the edge to Bladestorm, for being so damn effective despite being so effectively annoying.

The Warrior bracket had some shake ups, but Bladestorm comes out victorious and advances to the big board!

So after the first class completed their preliminary round, this is how the big board looks:

With the luck of the draw, Warriors ended up in the 5th slot, meaning they have a bye through the first two rounds. Lucky jerks!

Stay tuned for the rest of the tournament, coming soon!


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  1. Bladestorm is easily the most annoying skill in the game. I really can't think of anything else I hate being the receiving end of more.

    Actually I take that back. As a warlock, I suppose cheap shot is the bane of my existence by default.
    But blade storm is a close 2nd.