Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Most Annoying Abilities in WoW- March Madness Style: Part 2!

Hello there, and welcome back to bracket two of the introductory round of the battle for the title of the most annoying ability in the World of Warcraft.

The previous entry saw Bladestorm narrowly edging out Bloodthirst for the title of most annoying Warrior ability. Today we're moving to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and taking a look at the most annoying abilities of the Priest class.


A Priest has the capability of being a powerful healer and a versatile DPS, so it is quite easy to experience frustration when facing the class in pvp. Their use of damage over time, combined with their instant cast heal over time spell, renew, can prove to be too much for many opponents to handle.

For the Priest bracket, I decided to take a look at some uniquely frustrating abilities that are available exclusively to the class. Mass Dispell, Mind Control, Psychic Scream, and Mana Burn will all duke it out for the title of most annoying Priest ability and the chance to represent the class in the final bracket.

For the first round, Mass Dispell faces off against Mind Control. Playing a Paladin, my bias against Mass Dispell is palpable. I can still remember to this day the first time I experienced having my bubble stolen from me way back in The Burning Crusade, (ironically enough I was bubble hearthing). Despite my personal hatred for Mass Dispell, when it comes down to pure annoyance few things can compare to losing control of your character, only to watch it jump around like an idiot at the hands of a smug Priest. The indignity is usually short lived however, as most Priests will be kind enough to jump your character over the edge of a cliff. Hands down, Mind Control advances to the next round in a landslide.

The second bracket of the class features the AOE fear bomb Psychic Scream matching up against the bane of healers: Mana Burn. Mana Burn is a unique ability that grants Priests the ability to render nearly any mana using class impotent with a few casts. The frustration of seeing your mana bar dwindle so quickly easily proves just how annoying the skill can be. However, when compared to the instant cast AOE fear bomb, the ability just doesn't hold up on the annoyance meter. Psychic Scream is a long fear, with a fairly short cool down. I think we've all been locked in that fight with a Priest where we thought to ourselves, "What the... Psychic Scream again.. WTF.. WTB diminishing returns!?!" For the frustration factor, (and for all
the walls I've gotten stuck in) Psychic Scream advances.

The final match between MC and Psychic Scream is anything but any easy decision. Both abilities can be extremely frustrating, can throw off your momentum in a battle, and can result in a smashed keyboard. However the pure annoyance of watching control of your character slip from your fingers and into the hands of that pimply twelve year old on the other side of the screen can't be topped. Watching him gloat as he runs your character into the Twisting Nether of an EOTS match is easily one of the most annoying things in Warcraft, and the reason why Mind Control will be advancing to the finals!

So after the second preliminary round, this is how the final bracket is shaping up:

As the second class to enter the competition, Priests luck their way into the sixth position in the bracket, resulting in second and third round byes.

Check back soon for more results in the tournament of the most annoying Warcraft abilities!


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  1. haha, good read.
    Not sure I would have picked MC over PS, though. I feel like in PvP priests are too busy doing other things (healing, trying not to die) to be bothered to dick around with a player. Those situations are rare and easily countered by using a PvP trinket.

    Psychic Scream, however, is ridiculously annoying because of it's insta-cast and short cooldown. If there's a priest in a BG you know that PS is getting dropped everytime it's off cooldown and you're always getting caught in it.