Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beginning of a Minecraft Kingdom...

Hello! So I have been putting a lot of time into the game Minecraft recently, playing around with the terraforming capability as well as the crafting ability, and I am excited to unveil images of my fortress!

High atop the tallest mountain in the realm of Paladinbiasistan, sits a heavily fortified tower looming over the lands below.

From the front you can see the stonework used to craft the walls, as well as the terraforming utilized for the stairs leading to the door (as well as the entire piece of land the fortress rests on, believe me it took a lot of shoveling to make it flat!).

Stepping inside, you'll see how well lit I like to keep my fortress, a method of deterring attacks from pesky zombies and skeletons. You'll also notice a storage chest, furnace, and crafting table.

My favorite feature of the fortress is the moat in front of it that I painstakingly dug, and filled with water. Believe me, this was an undertaking, I lugged buckets of water all the way to the top of the mountain for this.

But the best part of the moat... It's not just an aesthetic! It actually works as a defensive structure! (Notice the zombie approaching from the distance in the picture below).

Poor little guy, if only he could jump high enough to get out... Oh well, hope he enjoyed marinating in my moat until the sun came up and he exploded from the light.

I also built a dungeon beneath my castle. At the moment it serves no real purpose, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it if anyone decides to question my rule over these polygonal lands!

In the back of my castle I built a secret tunnel for rapidly descending and ascending. It's dug straight down into the ground and has a ladder system running along the inside of it, periodically illuminated by candles.

To get an idea of just how long the secret tunnel is, in the picture below the door is where the tunnel eventually ends. At the very top of the picture, partially obscured by the clouds you can see my fortress, and the height where the tunnel begins.

I have plans for expanding the fortress by building a sky walk to an adjacent mountain. In addition I want to possibly build sentry towers. My excitement really is a gauge of how entertaining a sandbox game like Minecraft can really be (and how nerdy I can be).

With an open world, limitless options (both constructive and destructive), and an easy to use interface- Minecraft is a good example of how much fun a simple game can be when it prioritizes a player's imagination as an integral part of the game experience.

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