Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Most Annoying Abilities in WoW- March Madness Style: Part 4!

After a brief break, the MAAWoW tournament has returned with its fourth installment!

For those of you that aren't up to date, this is a tournament pitting the most annoying abilities in Warcraft against each other for the title of The Most Annoying Ability in WoW. We are currently in the preliminary rounds, determining which ability will represent each class in the final bracket. So far the results of the previous rounds:

Previously we explored some of the most annoying abilities of the Mage class and determined that Ice Block was the most annoying ability. Today we're going to break from tradition and take a look at two classes, the Shaman and Hunter classes.


Hunters are a versatile class that has many unique abilities. They can tame mighty beasts to fight alongside them as they pepper opponents with blasts from their blunderbuss. Or they can plant traps for overzealous enemies to become ensnared, or swarmed by venomous snakes. They pack a lot of punch into their ranged attacks, and often times you'll be on the receiving end of curb-stomp from their pet while they're lighting you up from a safe distance.

As the only class to use traps, and one of two classes to have pets- Hunters had several interesting abilities to consider for the tournament. The abilities I chose to represent the class were the abilities Scattershot, Disengage, Freezing Trap, and Feign Death. These abilities will square off for the title of the most annoying Hunter ability and ultimately the chance to be named the most annoying ability in WoW.

The first round of the Hunter bracket pit the crowd control ability Scatter Shot against the relatively new defensive ability, Disengage. Disengage was added to the Hunter's arsenal as a way to quickly put distance between a Hunter and its enemy, allowing it to execute any of its numerous and devastating ranged attacks. this ability is particularly frustrating against a class with no gap closing ability (ahem Paladin). Meanwhile, Scatter Shot causes you to lose control of your character as it staggers aimlessly for a few seconds. While the defensive capability of Disengage can be very frustrating, it is easily countered with abilities like Death Grip, in addition it can be quick humorous when a Hunter disengages off the edge of a cliff. So for the first round, Scatter Shot advances!

Next, Freezing Trap faces off against Feign Death in another battle between a defensive ability and a crowd control ability. Feign Death is unique in that it causes enemy players to drop the Hunter as a target and switch to the Hunter's pet. This can buy the Hunter precious time in a close fight. Meanwhile, Freezing Trap is the essential CC ability for the class, freezing an enemy into a solid block of ice. While Feign Death may cause some momentary confusion for some opponents, most people are well aware of this little trick, rendering it pretty useless in serious PvP environments. So Frost Trap moves on to the second round.

The final round for the Hunter bracket comes down to Freezing Trap vs. Scatter Shot. Two CC abilities, which can frustrate opponents if their trinkets are on cooldown at an inopportune time. While both have their merits for being the most annoying Hunter ability, this one is cut and dry for me. I despise any ability that removes control of my character and makes him wander around like an idiot. So the winner, in a first-round knockout, Scatter Shot!


One of the most unique classes in Warcraft, the spiritualistic Shamans (notoriously) were originally a Horde exclusive class, and the counterpart to the Paladin class. Historically they have frustrated opponents with their healing ability, their totems, and their ability to self-rez in the middle of battle.

For the title of most annoying Shaman ability we're going to focus on some classic Shaman abilities, and some new ones. Earthbind Totem, Hex, Thunderstorm, and Reincarnation will face off for Shaman annoyance supremacy!

First, two CC abilities clash. Earthbind Totem is an ability very similar to a Druid's Roots ability, pinning an enemy in place with vines that shoot up from the ground. Hex is akin to a Mage's Polymorph ability, transforming an opponent into a frog. Both abilities can be annoying, but Earthbind is more easily counter-able, so Hex advances.

Next, the relatively new ability Thunderstorm squares off against the classic, Reincarnate (also called Ankh in reference to the reagent required to cast the ability). Ankh was one of the most hated abilities in WoW vanilla by some players, and is even referenced in the classic WoW parody song, That's the World of Warcraft that You Play, (Shamans, you are the most overpowered class... be sure to keep reincarnation up and it will take ten Alliance just to bring you down).

While Ankh is widely considered to be very annoying when used properly, it loses a lot of luster because it isn't usable in the competitive e-sport of arenas. Meanwhile, Thunderstorm is an aoe ability that calls down a bolt of lightning to send enemies flying. This often has the very intended consequence of launches players into the Twisting Nether when they find themselves between a Shaman and any ledge (specifically in EOTS). For the annoyance of falling to your death as the Shaman emotes you, and for the repair bill from durability- Thunderstorm advances.

The final round showcases Hex and Thunderstorm. While Hex can be annoying, it is widely considered weak since the player retains control of his character and is able to flee. Meanwhile, aside from completely avoiding ledges or EOTS, Thunderstorm has no real counter... So in a surprise twist, Thunderstorm claims the title of most annoying Shaman ability!

After four preliminary rounds, the final bracket is shaping up nicely:

Do you agree with my assessments? Hate my picks for the classes? Think I'm completely off the mark? Let me know in the comments what abilities didn't get enough love, or which got too much. And check out the previous entries in the competition to see how biased I can be!


  1. ha I used to hate scatter shot back in my WOW days

  2. Nice post bro, not really a WOW man myself tho.

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  5. i hate the alt-f4 bug, it always kicks me off when i'm trying to implement...

  6. I agree with this so far, and I use to pvp with a mage, paladin and shaman. I hated some warlocks..

  7. Most annoying abilities?

    Where's Divine Shield!?

  8. I would have suggested Aspect of the Pack for huntars.

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  13. A very detailed and incredible undertaking that you've started!

    I'm excited to check back in and see how you're progressing, both in minecraft and your WoW chart. :)