Monday, October 18, 2010

The Most Annoying Abilities in WoW- March Madness Style: Part 5!

Well guys, new content and new abilities are upon us, so it is time to start wrapping up this tournament. Today I will discuss the five remaining classes and determine the most annoying abilities of each. We're about to spend entirely too much time discussing the annoying qualities of Paladins, Warlocks, Rogues, Death Knights, and Druids... so get comfortable, this is going to be a long one.

Because we have so much to cover, the format will be a little more condensed, so enjoy!


The first class we'll take a look at today will be the demonic caster class, Warlock. Warlocks have been a staple in RPG games for a long time. Commanding the shadows and undead or demon minions, Warlocks strike fear into their opponents with their dark abilities.

One of the key abilities of the class are their many different Fear attacks they can use to make an enemy flee, allowing them with plenty of time to apply numerous damage over time abilities. In addition Warlock's have a powerful ability to siphon life from an enemy. Shadowfury is a newer Warlock ability that allows them to AOE stun enemies. And Demonic Circle allows the class to teleport out of harm's way in the heat of battle.

While Warlock's have many annoying abilities, their Fear abilities are easily the most annoying because of their seemingly endless duration combined with the capacity to chain cast them. So without much of a contest, Fear advances as the most annoying Warlock ability.


The Druid class is one of the most versatile in the World of Warcraft, filling the roles of DPS, healer, or tank. Arguably Druids can be considered some of the best in the game at their roles, which has led to dissension from pure classes that believe hybrid classes like Druids should be slightly less effective at these roles to compensate for the additional skill sets.

As a class with three distinct roles there were many annoying abilities to choose from. But for today the competition is between the CC ability Cyclone, the knock back Typhoon, the CC ability Entangling Roots, and as a generic term covering several unique abilities we will consider Druid HoTs.

While HoTs are arguably one of the most overpowered mechanics in the game (resulting in resto-druid supremacy on numerous occasions) the title of most annoying ability grudgingly has to go to Typhoon. Getting blown across the map and taking a fall damage death one too many times is enough for me to move Typhoon into the final round.


Death Knights are the newcomers on the playground of WoW classes, being introduced in the WoTLK expansion. Death Knights are a plate armor class that utilizes dark abilities to negate magical damage done while filling the role of a tank, or to harness minions to fight alongside them as DPS.

DKs are known for having several annoying abilities, the four I chose for this bracket are the AoE slow Desecration, Chains of Ice, Death Grip, and the defensive ability Anti-Magic Zone. Honorable mention has to go to Army of the Dead, which was tough to leave off the list. However, the ghouls summoned by that spell are so weak I ultimately decided to pass on it.

In a landslide victory Death Grip is easily the most annoying Death Knight ability. Nothing is as frustrating as riding across a zone peacefully, or carrying that flag to your base- getting a few steps away from capturing it... and being yanked back across the map by a lagging DK. The ability is pure annoyance.


Where to start. Rogues are easily one of the most annoying classes in this game. A stealthy assassin, rogues employ poisons, dirty fighting tactics, and lighting-fast attacks to undermine opponents and gain the upper-hand.

While Rogues have many annoying abilities, this bracket will focus on the defensive Cloak of Shadows, the CC ability Sap, Blind, and the escape ability Vanish.

As I said before, while rogues have MANY annoying abilities, this competition is awarding the title of most annoying Rogue ability to Sap, because we have all been in that situation where we're minding our own business and a rogue starts chain stunning us in the middle of our own city just to be a prick. Combine that with their stealth to remain unseen and you can easily waste several minutes in frustration because of this one ability.


Appropriately enough for a blog called Paladin-Bias, we'll conclude the preliminary brackets by looking at the Paladin class. A holy warrior that uses the power of the Light to destroy his foes, and battle the dark forces.

The most annoying abilities for the class are the instant cast, massive heal Lay on Hands, the infamous bubble- Divine Shield, the stun Hammer of Justice, and the CC ability repentance.

In another landslide Divine Shield advances because it is easily one of the most hated abilities in the game by some players, so its choice as the most annoying Paladin ability was all but assured (although LoH has made some in-roads in the past).

After the fifth and final group of preliminary rounds the final tournament bracket has finally shaped up. There looks to be some stiff competition with perennial annoying abilities like Fear and Death Grip facing off.

Do you agree with my assessments? Hate my picks for the classes? Think I'm completely off the mark? Let me know in the comments what abilities didn't get enough love, or which got too much. And check out the previous entries in the competition to see how biased I can be!

And stay tuned for the introduction of the final rounds of the tournament to determine the most annoying ability in WoW.